About Optometrists

An optometrist is a university educated and trained health professional who cares for the health of your eyes. Your optometrist not only prescribes spectacles, but plays a big role in detecting and managing eye disease, frequently in cooperation with your doctor, or specialist eye doctor. To practice in Australia an optometrist must complete a university degree and be registered with the Optometry Registration Board who makes sure that the qualifications and experience of your optometrist are up to date. Some optometrists have specialist qualifications, knowledge, and experience in areas like low vision, sports, contact lenses, and of course children’s vision. All our optometrists are highly qualified and experienced. They are Registered to practice optometry and have many additional years of experience. Optometrists detect, diagnose and treat eye health and conditions that affect vision. They can also identify general health conditions that are first detected by a comprehensive eye examination, provide referrals to eye surgeons (ophthalmologists) and often help manage post-eye-surgery health. For all your family, optometrists can help you ensure you maintain good vision for life.