Repairs & Maintenance

Paul and his dispensing staff are highly experienced with repairing and maintaining your glasses. Optical dispensers are skilled professionals who support optometrists, and have trained in the provision, manufacture and maintenance of spectacles and other important elements of eye care.

As with all things mechanical, the key to long life is maintenance. Here are some handy tip for keeping your spectacles in top condition:

Have them adjusted and professionally cleaned regularly
We will be pleased to see you at any time if you need a quick clean or adjustment. There is no charge for cleaning and adjustment. If major parts are needed there may be a cost.

Use a Microfibre cloth and cleaning spray
These cloths and sprays are designed to both clean and protect your frames and lenses. Other types of cloth and cleaners might get the spectacles clean, but they can also do damage and they are not recommended.

Store them in a case
Lenses and frames can be easily damaged in a handbag or when loose in the car. They come with a case and we strongly recommend that when they are not on your face, please put them in their case. If you lose or damage the case let us know. That’s easily sorted out for you.

Don’t leave them in the sun
High temperatures will not be good for your spectacles. They can distort and lens coatings can be affected. In summer the temperature in your car can exceed 60oC. Even outside temperatures on some surfaces can get nasty for your spectacles of sunglasses. Take them with you, put them in the glove box, or just keep wearing them.

Don’t wear them on top of your head