Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a very useful option for correcting vision and particularly useful for some activities.

In recent years almost all contact lenses are made from special silicone like materials that have a very high water content and also allow oxygen to get to the surface of the eye. Modern contact lenses are much simpler to deal with than the older types and they are also cheaper (although contact lenses are not the cheapest option).

Contact lenses are available in daily, fortnightly or monthly packs depending on your needs, allowing you to wear regular sunglasses and other great options, like protective sports eyewear or helmets.

Hygiene is very important with contact lenses, and they must be carefully prescribed and fitted by your optometrist. Once we know your size and brand we can re-supply you at any time, inside a 12 month period, with a simple email or phone call. Every 12 month period we will need to recheck your contacts and their fit to maintain optimal eye health. If you are getting close to needing more contacts and it has been almost 12 months, we recommend you make an appointment so we can continue your order without delay. We do not recommend Internet purchase due to higher rates of eye complications and the risk of incorrect or out of date product.

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