Warranty and Care

  1. Your frames are guaranteed for 12 months from purchase for manufacturing defects. If you find a manufacturing fault in the 12 months following purchase, bring the glasses back to us and we will repair them to their new condition or replace them if they cannot be returned to new condition.
  2. If we cannot repair your frames within the warranty period, or parts are not available, you may select another pair of glasses to the same value including lenses to the same specification as the broken pair at no charge.
  3. Lenses have a 12 month warranty on fitting and coatings. Please take care of your lenses. If they are scratched or damaged we will try to help, but this kind of problem is not normally covered by warranty.
  4. We know that bad luck happens and when it happens to you we want to help. In the first 12 months after you collect your glasses, if the dog chews your glasses, or you sit on them, or they melt on the dashboard or something like that, and they cannot be repaired, just bring in the unfortunate pair and we will provide you with a new pair at 25% of the original cost (or an alternative if yours are no longer available). You can do this once in the first 12 months. This does not apply if you lose your glasses. (If you choose a more expensive pair additional costs may apply).